Fiore dei Liberi 1409, Wrestling & Dagger

The 2 day Seminar shows backgrounds and an overview about the techniques presented in the book as well as different practicing methods in an hands on workshop, easy to follow and practice after the seminar with the book!

If you have a group of a minimum of 15-20 people,
Colin Richards, author and instructor, comes to instruct, and combined with the seminar all participants at the workshop receive the book for this special offer:

In Germany

1 day for 69 Euro/ 2 days for 109 Euro.

In Europe

2 days for 109 Euro to 129 Euro
depending on the travel.

In USA/ Canada

2 days for $120 to $180
depending on the travel and how many groups are interested in the same time period.

People who already have got the book only pay the difference between the seminar price and the book.

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