06/12/19 - about us

Update on Membership

In recent months Arts of Mars as seen an uprecidented increase in membership!  read more...
06/08/18 - News

Operations in the Bind

The most important position that we see analysed in most of the treatises is a sword bind. From a sword fighters point of view this represents a relatively safe position where the actions of the opponent can be somewhat forestalled by reading the pressure in the blade.  read more...
06/05/18 - News

New Private Training Area Finished

Finally my personal training room is finished at my house! My wife worked hard to finish it. The room includes a sprung wooden floor and judo matting throughout.  This 40 meter square area is ideal for training with all short to medium length weapons.  read more...
06/22/16 - about us

Review of Greek HEMAC Hemathlon Event

Hi Folks, I have just come back from Athens Greece where I took part in the Greek HEMA event the HEMAC Hemathlon. It was a fantastic event. The Greek hospitality is famous, and at this event it was evident at every moment. We were offered an amazing amount of wonderful food, and several times it was impossible for the people present to eat it all!  read more...
02/20/12 - seminars

3rd World Wide Open Longsword and Rapier Championship 2012

This is a unique event, one week of workshops and Tournaments split between the two! The first half of the week is filled with workshops, lectures and free sparring. The second with Tournaments and free sparring, in fact you can fight all the time if you wish! Come and do workshop, fight in tournaments or just watch and learn.  read more...

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