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New Private Training Area Finished

Finally my personal training room is finished at my house! My wife worked hard to finish it. The room includes a sprung wooden floor and judo matting throughout.  This 40 meter square area is ideal for training with all short to medium length weapons.
Private Lesson Room
This fantastic facility means that I can train at any time of the day or night, summer or winter.  Most importantly people can come and train at the our house in top quality conditions.

I will be opening the room shortly to people who would like to take private lessons with me. These lessons can be booked in advance and be from 2 to 12 hours long. This means you can book a complete weekend of intensive training either one on one or bring a friend and learn together.

If you are interested receiving a boost in your HEMA development please contact me for further details about this open ended offer of professional training from one of Europe's leading HEMA instructors. 
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