The main curriculum of all schools is based on the Longsword. This is supplemented by training with wrestling and dagger.
Members can also start training with a variety of weapons including the following:
  • Longsword, Italian
  • Longsword, German
  • Sword and Buckler after I.33 Tower Fechtbuch
  • Sword and Shield or other weapon and shield
  • Spanish Rapier
  • Fiore Spear
  • Fiore Dagger
  • Fiore Wrestling
  • Talhoffer Dagger
  • Lechuckner Langesmesse
  • Silvers Backsword

All of these are broken down into beginners and advanced classes. Though the style of instruction allows for students of any level to pretty much take part in most classes without much difficulty.

All weapons start with a similar footwork curriculum. It is essential that all scholars have the same understanding of the fundamental methods of footwork and stance. They must also understand several more complicated footwork sequences.
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