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Review of Greek HEMAC Hemathlon Event

Hi Folks, I have just come back from Athens Greece where I took part in the Greek HEMA event the HEMAC Hemathlon. It was a fantastic event. The Greek hospitality is famous, and at this event it was evident at every moment. We were offered an amazing amount of wonderful food, and several times it was impossible for the people present to eat it all!
It is always interesting to meet new people in HEMA, and this event was no exception. Firstly meeting George Zacharopoulos was a great pleasure, I have know that he was doing great things in Greece for the advancement of HEMA for some time, but his achievements are enormous. The group he has gathered is full of wonderful people, brilliant students and excellent company, I was ever so pleased when so many of them turned up for my little workshop called “A Different Perspective” and actually stayed to the end even though I was in a rather demonstrative mood due to feeling unwell. Greek HEMA is in safe hands, and can only develop strongly in the future. The organisation was  second to non and we were fully entertained and looked after the whole time. Thank you also to all the organisers of the event and especially to Chrysovalantis Renos Tampakakis, and Dora Petroulia. Please forgive me those of the organisation that I have forgot to mention, you all performed your duties to an extremely high standard. 

There was a large contingent from Italy, many of which I had never met before. It was great to finally meet the interesting and knowledgeable Francesco Perciballi and his friends. We seem to be heading down a similar road with our Fiore interpretations which is always helpful to support someone’s work and to eradicate those nagging doubts everyone has over their work. Also to witness the courage and fortitude of Giulio Flavio Schifino  who was fighting with a broken finger and won the final of longsword if I am not mistaken. The Italians were a great addition to the event.

For the first time I met from Austria Andreas Klingelmayer, which was an experience I really enjoyed. I sat in on his class for a while and benefited from his broad knowledge of Von Danzig.
Finally I very impressed with Deniz Ince from Turkey who was not only a great person but also a promising and talented fencer.  In the future he will be someone to watch as he demonstrated by winning the Synthetic Longsword final. His girlfriend was also an enthusiastic member of the event, and it was very pleasant to meet her as well. 

I was really happy to meet up with my old friends Matt Galas  and Carlo Parisi , people I have not seen for several years. Met Alexander Galas after many years and he has grown into a fine young man. Got to meet Axel Pettersson  again with time to talk, and watched his excellent control of the semi-final of the rapier, he made sure he was winning that one from the moment the match started. Excellent stuff. He came up against an unflappable, implacable Piermarco Terminiello  in the final who showed why he has arrived in so many rapier tournaments in the final. So Piermarco Terminiello  won it after an excellent struggle.

If I have forgotten anyone I apologise, for me it was a great event and I will only be too glad to go again and savour the wonderful delights of Greek hospitality and participate in this first class event in the future. You should put this event on your calender immediately.  Watch out though the sun can be fierce.
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