Stefan Roth

Stefan has started in the early age of 5 year with Karate (Shotokan) and trained since then various asian and later historical european Martial Arts. Stefan Roth began in 1995 with sword smithing. Today he runs a workshop in Braunschweig and makes both asian and european historical weapons:

Involved in the Arts Of Mars Academy (since 2004)

·from 2007 Head of the training group in Braunschweig
·from 2006 Instructor with Arts of Mars Academy

Martial Arts Experience

·From 1976 Ju Jutsu and Aikido
·from 2005 Historical European Martial Arts, mainly "German School"
· from 2004 Kashima shin ryu (Ko-ryu)
·from 2003 Start with Historical European Martial Arts
·from 2000 Running a Shinkendo Dojo in Braunschweig
·from 1997 Shinkendo and Toyama ryu with Toshiro Obata
·1993 to 1996 Kendo and Iai-do - for some months, then Modern Arnis
·1988 to 1992 Ju Jutsu and Aikido
·1987 to 1989 Kick- Thaiboxing
·1979 beginning with Tae kwon do and both Karate and Kobudo
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