Sandra Richards

born 1972 in Hannover

Involved in the Arts Of Mars Academy (since 2004)

·Conception of the Anti Agression Project GeCo
·Book design of "Fiore dei Liberi 1409, Wrestling & Daggger"
· Co-Founder of the Publishing House Arts of Mars Books Design, Layout & Photography
·Organisation & Management

Museums Pedagogics (since 2004)

·Events for children & youngsters
·Foundation of Die Zeitreisenden
·Workshops for historical crafts, especially wood & glass
·Conception and organisation of events and seminars
·Conception of a Viking Museum, Southern Norway

Lecturer for youngsters & adults (2002 - 2006)

·Job Preparation:
·Computer, Building, Recycling, General Subjects, Hannover
·Teaching Adults:
·Courses for Master Carpenters, Courses for Energy Councellors
·EDV: European Computer Driving License, Handwerkskammer, FBZ Garbsen

Architect and Town Planner(2001 - 2004)

·Participation of  chidren & youngsters in the town planning process
·Housing Projects in Hildesheim
·Architect, Degree "Diplom FH Hildesheim 2001"


·Brochure "Soziale Stadterneuerung Vahrenheide"
·Brochure "Kinder- und Jugendbeteiligung im Rahmen der Stadterneuerung Wohnbundinfo Nr. 3"

Experienced in the field of Wood Work (1998 - 2000)

·qualified carpenter
· various projects in the field of wooden constructions

Qualified bank employee(1992 - 1994)

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