Colin Richards

Colin Richards, born in Liverpool, England, has been interested in weapons, warfare and Military History for as long as he can remember. His first steps into Martial Arts took place 37 years ago. He studied various Asian Martial Arts though now is mainly interested and researches Historical European Martial Arts. Colin has taught well over 2000 people in blunt weapon combat. He is the founder of "Arts of Mars"Historical European Martial Arts Academy and runs at the moment three permanent schools in Germany.

Founder of "Arts of Mars Books" Publishing House (2007)

·Author and Publisher of "Fiore dei Liberi 1409, Wrestling & Dagger / Ringen & Dolch"

Conception of Antiagression-Project "Project Geco" (2007)

·Teaching Self Defense Martial Arts in "Project Geco" for unemployed Youngsters between 17 and 25
·Cooperation Project with "Pro Aktiv" and the Jobcenter Stadthagen 2007

Historical Martial Arts for Children & Youngsters (since 2006)

·Sword & Shield and Swordfighting in Activitycamps for children between 8 and 14 for "Die Zeitreisenden"

Founder and Head of Arts of Mars Academy (2004)

  • 2007 Foundation of School in Braunschweig
  • ·2005 Foundation of School in Hannover
  • ·2004 Foundation of School in Apelern
  • ·2004 Foundation of "Arts of Mars", Historical European Martial Arts Academy

Historical European Martial Arts (since 1999)

·Since 1999 Research into Historical European Martial Arts:
·Fiore Dei Liberi AD 1409: wrestling, dagger, one handed sword, two handed sword, sword in armour, pole axe in armour, spear, combat on horseback.
·1.33 from AD 1300: Sword and buckler (small shield).
·Viking and Anglo Saxon Sword and Shield combat AD 400 to AD 1100:
·Primary research into combat with round shields used in conjunction with other weapons, sword, axe, spear,sax.

Re-Enactment (since 1986)

  • ·1991 Design of a teaching curriculum for the instruction of a comparatively safe blunt weapon combat based on real martial technique which he taught to a international audience all over Europe (and still does!).
  • ·1989 National Combat Instructor of Regia Anglorum Re-enactment society
  • ·986 Research and re-enactment of Viking Military History
  • ·1981 Re-enactment combat with steel blunt weapons, researching into early Anglo Saxon combat techniques with the "The English Settlement Society" at Newcastle upon Tyne University.

Stage-Combat (since 1992)

·1992 - 2002 Stage Combat Courses to Amateur Theatres and choreographies for several semi-professional theatre productions. Participation in countless Street Theatre productions based on Combat with weapons.

Experience of Asian Martial Arts (since 1977)

  • ·2006 Kali
  • ·1999 Latose Escrima
  • ·1994 - 1995 JuJitsu
  • ·1990 - 2000 He has been instructed in knife techniques from several ex-members of special forces from around the world.
  • ·1988 - 1989 Shotokan Karate
  • ·1981 - 1982 Malaysian Silat
  • ·1977 - 1985 Aikido, Sato Sensie style

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