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2012-03-16 00:00

3rd World Wide Open Championship 2012

The Registration is open from today 16.03.2012. We are filling up fast.

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2012-02-22 06:40

Arts of Mars on Youtube

See the new You Tube Channel "Fiore die Liberi " with over 54 videos about Longsword, Dagger, Hand to Hand, Sword & Buckler, Sword & Shield, Quarterstuff and more

2012-01-12 09:36

Arts of Mars on Facebook

Arts of Mars has started a Facebook Group under the page of Colin Richards. If you wish to join this group just send us an email or a faecbook request.

Arts Of Mars

Historical European Martial Arts Academy

4. World Wide Open Longsword and Rapier Championships

30. July - 03. August 2014, Hannover

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in Kooperation mit dem Verein Langort - Mittelalterliches Fechten

Medieval Sword Fighting and more...

The name Arts of Mars originates from reference to the Roman God of war, Mars, and so calls to mind all the skills and knowledge needed for war. The first specific mention in period literature was made in a book by the Duke of Newcastle from England in 1639, where he suggested that  "All Gentlemen should learn the Arts of Mars".


WWOC 2014 - Registration Open

As early as 1100 there is made mention of "masters of defence", who taught in schools, in the major cities of Europe, some form of combat skills though we do not know which specifically. These skills of combat would be needed both for self defence and for fighting in the larger arena of the battlefield, as many people where required by law to bare arms and also be able to use them. This requirement has a long history in Europe, and went hand in hand with every day life, for those who may have had a duty to do so.
The Arts of Mars Historical European Martial Arts Academy has been established by Colin Richards with the aim of researching into the long lost martial heritage of Europe. This research has been inspired by the many years of interest in historical combat in the form of re-enactment, and recently in research into facsimiles of old texts from libraries throughout the world. The main direction of the research currently involves the comprehensive Combat Treatise from the 15 century written by Fiore Di Liberi, a minor noble who became the Fencing Master of Nicoli Di Este, Duke of Ferrara in Northern Italy. There are three extant copies of this treatise, each one being different in some way to the other. The copy, found at present in the Getty Museum in USA, has detailed text in medieval Italian and drawings, and after analysis contains a complete martial system for combat on foot and on horse.
"Arts of Mars"- Historical European Martial Arts Academy is member of HEMAC.



In der Zeitmaschine eine Reise in die Vergangenheit machen...Als mutiger Ritter mit einem  Schwert das Böse besiegen...Mit den Gefährten den verloren Schatz zurückerobern...Mit dem Raumschiff neue Galaxien beschreiten...

Ob Star Wars, Robin Hood oder Herr der Ringe, immer wieder erobern die Helden der Kinos unsere Phantasien... und wie gerne wären wir nicht auch einmal Teil der Story!

“Sternritter” Kurse für Kinder ab 6 Jahre, Jugendliche und Erwachsene.

mehr Infos hier.

German Longsword vs Japanese Katana

German TV-Show "Welt der Wunder" October 2009

A comparison between the japanes katan and a German Longsword with Stefan Roth, Seelenschmiede and Colin Richards

see video



We offer Weekend Seminars, Day Courses and Private Intensive Trainings all over the World for beginners, advanced students for Medieval Wrestling and Dagger, Medieval Sword Fighting, Italian & German Longsword, Cutting with Sharp Swords, I.33 Sword & Buckler and Sword & Shield, Stage Combat, Reenactment and Archery, Self Defense Courses, Courses for Kids and Anti-Agression-Projects.


Join one of our 3 groups in the regular Training for Medieval Sword Fighting, Medieval Longsword, Sword & Shield, Medieval Wrestling & Dagger, Long Messer, Back Sword in 2 locations in Hannover, and one in Lauenau.

Special Times for beginners set asside for basic training at all venues!


Have a look at our shop with our high quality Step-By-Step Learning Books and DVDs for Wrestling & Dagger, Longsword and more as well as Training Equipment like Nylon Swords and of course the Arts of Mars Textiles.